My name is Little j and I am a Gnostic bard specializing in song writing and singing. I play music from cosmic pop to weird children's rock, Jason Mraz to Shel Silverstein. My music timelessly opens hearts and expands minds. Listen to Little j for your ride to infinity and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S :

“What Next?”
Plans so rarely work out as planned. Despite this, Nikko and I (among many) have begun work, production and preparation for many possibilities. Currently, we hope to spend January through March in San Rafael, California and March through June in Basel, Switzerland. Nikko will attend the Ali Akbar school of Tabla and I will continue studying, creating, producing and preparing for our World Tour!

“OK, but how will you live?”
We implemented a strategy to follow our individual and group blisses. Every day we examine and fill in a checklist of our favorite activities. Everyday we eat fresh food, play music (guitar, singing, tabla, djembe, keys, etc.), dance, read, write, cold shower, work on our various projects and I meditate while Nikko practices Tabla. We work every day on our dreams and goals, helping each other to achieve them with style and grace. We smoke some ganja now and then for fun but seldom drink or party. I promote and practice for Little j and work on the internet. We both study ourselves as individuals constantly working towards more awareness and acceptance. We work on UnDoing every day, stretching our faces first thing in the morning. We comfort each other and provide affection, care, love, generosity, passion, celebration, exuberance, silliness, confusion, delight, joy, faith, acceptance, companionship, trust, touch, and all that we can do with and for each other.

“Right, but how will you make money?”
Thank You for asking!
While attending college, I learned some lessons I want to share with you.
The music industry operates like many other industries, familiar as any one may feel to you. Like many of these industries, it currently occupies itself grasping at grains of sand. Open source ideals become more real and practical every day. An idea popularized by computer programmers, open source embodies an artistic commitment to community and quality. Profit comes from a devoted fanbase of supporters who make donations, purchase merchandise, host shows, share with friends, and regularly devote their energy to the success of the open source work in question.
While attending school, a constant lesson involved the flux we constantly find ourselves experiencing. In the music industry particularly (particularly, due to my attention paid to it) we see the old paradigm fading and new paradigms emerging. In many industries (the video game industry for example) new technologies become assimilated and used to the growth and advantage of the industry in question. The music industry of yesterday does not eat at the same table as the industry of today.
Musicians now hold a bard-like responsibility to look out for their own income. The “middle-men” of the music business (I found out) have no one's best interest at stake, not even their own!
As a modern musician, I find myself in direct relationship with my fans. No more MTV, I broadcast on YouTube. No more CD release parties, I publish a new song and a new video every 2 weeks. Forget commercials, I use viral media to promote my blogs, sites, music and projects of every kind. Social networks comprise my friends & fanbase and new fans accrue every day from every corner of the world.
Touring will bring in money via sales of merchandise, music and the magic we can provide to any small town school, church, community, club, organization, family, event, festival, or concert. The Small Town World Tour will take us to the places where live music gets appreciated as a special occasion rather than another night at the bar. Our special blend of music, magic, meditation and love will dazzle anyone lucky enough to invite us back, again and again!
A network of websites will connect fans to SOLON, So Loon, Little j, Tittle8, Shel Silverstein Songs, and every additional project taken on. Each page will link to every other page. Each page will feature advertising in the web version: affiliate marketing. This means that every page will feature ads for anything noteworthy by google, ads to sell amazon books and miscellaneous products. When a visitor buys a product, a portion of the sale gets paid to my PayPal account. Profit made comes from listeners and consumers who visit the sites for the free entertainment and to support a culture they enjoy.

“Where does my money go when I pay you?”
By contributing appreciation in the form of an album purchase, an affiliate item purchased from the websites, a night hosting us on your couch, food, supplies, cash or digital donation, you contribute to a community of musicians who benefit from your attention, enjoyment, excitement and support.
When you contribute to Tittle8, Little j, James McKenzie Kennedy, SOLON, So Loon, or any projects with related titles (Tittle8 or SOLON presents:) you contribute to my future as well as the future of my partner and our family. You help me buy food, fix my bicycle, purchase gifts for Nikko and my valued friends and family, acquire materials to compose my next masterpiece, stay connected to the internet where I can give you a steady stream of entertaining, stimulating, astounding, delightful, insightful, beautiful, artistic creations. This while touring the world, performing for children of all ages, and broadcasting the entire adventure to you in the form of a series of websites, e-mails, live performances and engaging adventures. You will literally be a part of this amazing, astoundingly adventurous, beautifully built, mysteriously magical journey!
In short, when you pay me, your money goes to You!

“What about kids of your own?”
Nikko and I actively avoid conception (much the way our parents did when they conceived either of us). If we conceive, we will keep our child. We will find our way to the happiest home available, set up shop and raise kids for 7 years or so. This would delay touring, only until the child(ren) could ride safely with us on the bicycles.
We ultimately want children as well as a place in the woods of Southern Oregon to live with them. We have detailed visions of where this place sits and what we will build there (ask for more info).

“Bikes? Small towns? The World?”
We both enjoy biking, bicycle touring, music, small towns, exploration and adventure. These elements make a blissful life for us. We each have agreements with ourselves as individuals and each other as a pair to follow bliss wherever it may lead. This does not involve doing whatever we want. On the contrary, we follow a very specific (self-directed) diet of creative and exploratory activity every day requiring much self-regulation and development.
We really just want to have fun! We both grew up in small towns and we both enjoy the feelings of playing music for small town audiences. Close-minded as villages may act in opinion, they open their hearts and their wallets (as much as possible) whenever they get the chance. We want to take it back to the people. Fewer stadium arenas and more backyard parties!

“How can I help?”
What do you consider YOUR Super-Power? This element you can offer to us.
Do you take great pictures? Do you have a beautiful home you can put us up in after we throw a concert to remember for you, your family and friends? Do you enjoy investing money in philanthropy? Do you have ideas or talents to contribute? Do you enjoy bicycle touring? Can you fix bikes? Do you have a lot of friends who like to listen to music (and maybe ours)?
What do you appreciate most about life? Do that with what we do!

“How much money do you need to pull this off?”
Around $15,000 in personal expenses to spend the year creating and studying to create more; around $30,000 in tools and supplies to create, tour the world again and again! This money, invested in my future, will allow me to save this year's profits and fully explore how to employ myself as an artist. Contributions received towards this budget will give me wings and elevate my growth.
Every year will feature a new document from this camp which will include the year's story and our accounting. Anyone with the desire will have access to our profit records, savings, etc.
Nikko and I plan to build a house on land we purchase. This year we will study how to make lots of money as touring artists as we save every penny. Next year, we will support ourselves (which will still include donations from you and your loved ones) and continue in our journey as self-sustainers and self-creators. With your help, let's get this party started!

Thank You!
Yes. You! In reading this, your life has settled onto this train of thought if only for a few moments. You, in giving us any amount of your attention, contribute to our stimulated growth. If you choose to expand that gift of attention to the realm of appreciation, Thank You! You may show your appreciation in many diverse ways and we appreciate you for loving and living with us. Assistants, physical and otherwise, happen randomly or regularly. Thank You! to everyone who helps keep this train moving, growing and going through the world bound for bliss and blessings abound! Thank You!



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