My name is Little j and I am a Gnostic bard specializing in song writing and singing. I play music from cosmic pop to weird children's rock, Jason Mraz to Shel Silverstein. My music timelessly opens hearts and expands minds. Listen to Little j for your ride to infinity and beyond!

The End Of The Beginning

The End of The Beginning
by j

Fall 2009
Eugene, Oregon

I n   A   N u t s h e l l

I, James McKenzie Kennedy, was born at sunrise, January 5th, 1984 in Flathead Valley, Montana. Born into a family of journalists, I learned to speak, read and write very early. I did not, however, learn the AlphaBet song and faked it while everyone sang along on the first day of preschool; my first improvisation.

Life continued for me as it does for so many. Many smells call up memories of various places and times, emotions and vivid life-experience. Several sounds will remind me of people, places and times in my life. Music and movies will call up ideas and thoughts of “past lives”, now memories.

School played a primary role, first as babysitter, then playground, then conductor and then social city. I learned how to play saxophone, read into the meaning of ancient literature, question authorities without hurting their feelings, resist pressure from antagonists, grow in difficult conditions, harmonize with the world and play well with others.

College answered an echo of the extracurricular work I started as a public school student. Privately investigating my ideas, ideals, hopes and dreams led me towards a realm of self-discovery I never intended. Once on the path, everything relates to the path; college became my jungle gym of musical exploration and mystical advancement. After one year of intensive studies, I felt wasted, jaded, tired and that I had not attended enough parties to justify my perfect GPA.

My ambitiousness to transcend myself and my schoolwork sent me sailing down the Oregon highways in my car with the radio on. As rain poured down, I drove South from Portland to Eugene where I planned to spend much of my 20s. The radio poured out news of the Shock and Awe campaign waged against Iraq. I listened silently, learning how to love and hate something at the same time.

After my appropriate initiation, I emerged a Eugenean Mystical Music Student. In Eugene, Oregon, I have studied and worked at so many odd pursuits I feel like a jester of a renaissance man. Never-the-less, ever-the-more, I continue.


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